Childbirth Education Calendar

If you are interested in exploring natural childbirth, an orientation class is needed. To schedule a phone orientation call (937) 208-4597 for Family Beginnings at Miami Valley Hospital or (513) 974-4291 for Natural Beginnings at Atrium Medical Center. 

Online Childbirth Education

When to attend: Between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy

Understanding Birth - $60

Know what to expect during labor for a vaginal or cesarean birth. This comprehensive class focuses on in-depth preparation for the birth experience. Focus is on: learning comfort measures, relaxation, labor support, role of the coach, breathing techniques and water birth.

Topics also include: medication options and mother/baby care immediately after delivery. A great way to make the transition to becoming a family! 

Understanding Multiples - $40

This class will highlight the unique information about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting and managing daily routines for families expecting more than one baby. This is a wonderful overview. Feel free to involve other family members in the course. Consider taking the Understanding Birth e-learning course if you would still like more education about the birth process. 

Understanding Breastfeeding - $10

Learn the art and science of providing the perfect nutrition for your baby before baby's arrival. Emphasis is on strategies to promote successful breastfeeding.  

Topics include: how to avoid common breastfeeding issues, dispelling breastfeeding myths and tips on ensuring an adequate milk supply. Information about returning to work and pumping is also covered. 

Understanding Your Newborn - $40

Babies don't come with directions, but this class gives new parents the how to's of basic infant care and parenting skills for navigating the first weeks and months of new parenting!  

First time parents and other caregivers are encouraged to take this e-learning class. (grandparents, etc.).  

Content includes tips and tricks for feeding, diapering and bathing; introduction to CPR and choking instructions for infants, details on infant safety and child-proofing your home; information regarding cloth diapers, environmentally safe baby care products and cleaners; and lots more! 

In-Person Classes

There are currently no events scheduled. Please check back soon.